Welcome to Woodlands Robotics- your local robotics education resource for children, educators, and mentors.

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We develop and deliver hands-on technology education workshops, classes, camps and programs for adults and children in the Woodlands, Texas area.


We provide opportunities for kids to:

  • Learn technology and engineering skills

  • Gain experience working effectively in project teams

  • Express their creativity and have fun

  • Be inspired to explore future technology careers

  • S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, and math)

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 WHY our classes are HIGH QUALITY? 

  • TEACHERS ARE HIGHLY QUALIFIED: Kat Kelley has over 15 years of teaching STEM to kids ages 7-18, works with LEGO Education and Tufts University on projects, LEGO Master Educator 2019 and her background is in Industrial Design.

  • SMALL CLASS SIZES: Our online classes are limited to 6-8 students max to ensure quality attention and student experience.

  • WE CATER TO OUR STUDENTS: Because we have years of experience and knowledge, we can adjust the curriculum to meet our students needs.

  • WE PROVIDE LOTS OF SUPPORT: We will meet with each student one-on-one prior to the first class and help them set up any software, updates, test equipment and teach the online tools to ensure that everyone is ready to learn right from day one.

  • OUTSIDE OF CLASS EXTRA SUPPORT: We also offer additional time and resources to help our students learn and become more confident.

  • WE HAVE FUN! We love what we do and are passionate to teach and our students to reach their highest goals.


ONLINE LEGO Robotics Classes and programming for kids ages 8.5 & Up

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Kat Kelley is featured in the LEGO Education Community Resources- "Think Like An Engineer" series

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