Mrs Kelley's Scratch Class- MONDAYs

Time To Bloom REMIX
This program uses math to create petals
MAZE Project
Simple MAZE game that you can look inside to see the code or "remix" and make it your own.
Sound Flower REMIX
The flower will grow and shrink based on the sound volume.
DJ Scratch Cat REMIX
Mix your own music to the beat using your keyboard keys.
Penguin Short Story
Sample program showing conversation and simple character animation.
What's My Name Sample
Sample animate your name project
MAZE: Ocean Commotion REMIX
Move the seal to safety while avoiding the trash.
There are four games: pong, snake, catch and run. Well done and love the moving background.
Very artistic and beautiful effects.
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WEEK 1: Create a remix or original MAZE game

  • At least 1 sprite that moves through maze to a goal

  • Make your sprite reset to starting position at start of game

  • At least 1 goal

  • Something happens to indicate that your sprite makes it to the goal- sound, words, advance to next level, etc.

  • At least 1 background with you maze design

  • Make it creative and your own


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